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"Donít accumulate treasures on the Earth.. instead accumulate treasures in the sky.. because where your treasure is, it will be also your Heart." (Mt 6, 19-21)                                  ITALIANO   ENGLISH     ESPA—OL    FRANÁAIS     PORTUGUŤS         




Sorry, we don't speak English very well.. this is a version in a little and imperfect format of the original and complete version, available only in Italian language.


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"We are two boys from Brescia (Italy) who are going to start a long trip in bike.

From Assisi (Italy) to Fatima (Portugal), without any technical support,

neither helping vehicles  with us.

We will bring only the main point with us, only what we really need.

But above all we will bring Your Prayers with us .

The Prayers for "Madonna of the Rosary of Fatima" that you will want there to submit.

These pages doesn't want to celebrate anybody enterprise. Our trip is only a trip.

We don't have other end if not that to celebrate Maria, the Mother of God.

Our first thought goes therefore to Her, so that our 'walk'

can be tool of Grace for who, confident,

will be submitted to Her Immaculate Heart."




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