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The first 1200 kms in bicycle from Brescia to Assisi (going and return)

we have already crossed among 2 and the 9 August of 2002.

The remainders 3063 kms from Brescia to Fatima (alone going)

we will cross from 29 July to 24 August of 2010.

The return will happen by air from Lisbon until to the Airport Malpensa in Milan;

from there we will make the last line in bike up to Brescia.

On our bicycles we will have some containing purses everything the necessary to live one month distant from house,

except the provisions that we will recover as soon as along the road.

We won't have any technical support, neither helping vehicles  with us.

As it regards the places to bed, we will see, according to the chart of march and the disposition money

whether to ask hospitality, whether to go to the search of hostels or lower part structures cost,

or whether to find alternative solutions.

During the Trip we will continue the harvest of Prayers and Sketches for "Madonna of the Rosary" of Fatima,

started in Italy. Toward the end of August 2010 we will deliver the whole picked material,

to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Fatima in Portugal.


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